Centre for Learning and Teaching, AppLab and the School of Science have developed a smart device app that allows the user to identify the most common native trees of New Zealand. The app comes with a user friendly ‘multiple choice’-type wizard, an A-Z species list and the option to capture, save and share your own sightings. The app is available on both the Android and the iOS platforms.


As young minds are open to new ways of learning we encourage schools and other institutions to introduce students to this powerful identification tool.

In our eyes, the purpose of knowing plants is not only for its own sake. We do think further. We believe in “You can only protect what you know”.

People will see their forest with different eyes. Once you know you are surrounded by kauri trees, probably this makes you more aware of taking care of those vulnerable trees once you pass a council sign showing a kauri dieback warning.

Identification wizard

Within the identification wizard the user is given the choice to tick plant characteristics like leaf appearance, fruit colour and bark texture. We included an ‘uncertainty’ option for every character in case e.g. the plant is not in season or we only got a branch or even a single leaf to identify.

Read more:  https://aenz.aut.ac.nz/nz-tree-app/tree-app-project